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Will a Travall dog guard from a similar size car fit my car?

... No, Travall dog guards are designed to fit each specific vehicle make and model and are not interchangeable with other vehicles of a similar size or type.



Are Travall dog guards available in a black finish?

... No, all Travall dog guards and dividers are finished in a tough and durable dark grey nylon powder coated finish. We find that this colour complements the majority of vehicle interiors.



My car is fitted with curtain air bags. Will the installation of a Travall dog guard obstruct the air bags in the event of an accident?

... No, all Travall dog guards and dividers are carefully designed so as not to hinder or obstruct air bag deployment in the event of a collision.



Will you give me a discount if I purchase more than one item?

... Yes, Travall Packs offer great savings on multiple items purchased from Travall.



My vehicle is fitted with a sunroof. Will a Travall dog guard still fit correctly?

... Wherever possible Travall try to develop guards to fit both non-sunroof and sunroof vehicles. Vehicles fitted with a sunroof generally have a lower roof lining to incorporate the sunroof mechanism leading to fitting problems with some applications. Please read the product listings thoroughly and if in doubt check compatibility with our technical team.



How long will my order take to be delivered?

... Orders placed before 15:00 hrs GMT Monday to Friday are usually shipped on the same day and will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days depending on location and local weather conditions. This service is not guaranteed.



I have misplaced some parts from my Travall dog guard fitting kit. Is it possible to order the parts required?

... Yes, we can supply parts to order. Please contact our sales team for a quote.



I am looking to purchase a Travall dog guard but there are two different vehicles shown for my model year, how do I choose?

... Sometimes vehicle manufacturers continue to sell old stock of the outgoing model alongside a brand new model which can become confusing for customers looking for vehicle specific accessories such as Travall's dog guards and dividers. Look carefully at the photographs of the vehicles on our site, and if you still can't decide, please email a photograph of the vehicle (preferably front and rear views) to our technical team, who will then be able to help you choose the right accessories for your vehicle.



Where are Travall dog guards and dividers made?

... Travall dog guards and dividers are designed and manufactured in the historic city of Derby, right in the heart of the United Kingdom.



Will a Travall divider fit with another brand of dog guard?

… No, Travall dividers are only compatible with Travall dog guards and are not designed to be used with any other manufacturer’s product.



Product fitting guides

... Product fitting guides are available as a PDF download on each product page. Printed fitting guides are also included with each product purchased detailing step by step installation instructions.



I am having problems fitting a Travall dog guard into my car, what should I do?

... If you are experiencing problems with fitting a Travall product or are unsure about a particular point in the fitting guide, please contact us by email detailing the order number, product number and the nature of the problem. Digital photographs are always useful to highlight specific problems with product installation and help our Travall quality team resolve problems quickly and effectively.



Have your dog guards been crash tested?

... We have a video covering the manufacture and safety aspects of our dog guards, including crash testing. Just click here to view it.

I have misplaced one of the parts that came with my order. Can I order the part from you separately?

Yes, just email or call our customer service team and they’ll give you a quote for the part you’ve lost.

I’ve lost the fitting guide that came with my Dog Guard, can I get a replacement?

You’ll find exactly the same step-by-step installation guide on your product’s page on our website. This is in a format which can be both saved and printed.

If you have a question about installing a Travall product not covered here, please email our friendly customer service team. It would really help if your email also includes your order number and, if it’s a Dog Guard you’re asking about, the part number, which can be found on the label underneath the main section. If you could include a digital photo highlighting the problem, that would be even better.



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